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    Branding - Logo design, collateral, signage, packaging
  • This was one of my first graphic design projects. The name may look familiar, and that's because it was our family business. Even though this was created back in 1981(pause for shock), I've chosen to include it in my portfolio because it has withstood the test of time and exemplifies one of the most important qualities when designing for a client: timelessness.

    When my mother took over this bakery, the previous owner had those hideous, standard cards - you know the ones I'm talking about - bright blue raised ink on cheap, garish stock complete with that cheesy wedding cake line art, stock from the printer. And remember, this was back in the 80s, the choices were very limited unless you hired a professional designer.

    My mother proceeded to furnish a cake-loving public with high-quality creative "art" cakes many years before they would come into vogue. Her style was new and progressive in its market and a far more elegant and personal option for brides and party hosts than anything else available at the time.

    Freshly out of Art Center, I was feeling pretty cocky and I told my mother, "Mom, I'm going to completely change your image...I'm going to put this business on the map!".  Yeah, well...bravado aside, the business ended up flourishing for over 25 years, in part because the branding accurately portrayed the high-quality, creative and progressively-styled cakes our bakery consistently supplied for nearly three decades.
Branding, logo design, collateral, signage for this Los Angeles speciality cake shop.
Branding, Graphic Design, Icon Design