About Design Bistro
  • Hi there,
    I'm Veronica. My company is Design Bistro and we love crafting websites and all the elements that go into how a business communicates its branding out in the world. We design your branding and communication both online and offline so you can put your best foot forward in every aspect. 
    "What is branding?" you may ask. 
    Your branding is your voice. When all aspects of your company's identity are in harmony and speak to the heart and soul of what you do, how you do it and why, great things start happening. You start attracting more of the right clients and work because your chosen markets now have ways to find and differentiate you from your competition more easily. 
    What are the goals of your web presence? Is your current site meeting those goals? Do your print components and logo, website and other media jive with and work together or are they a collection of isolated elements? Do you feel there are more avenues you could be using more effectively to reach your markets, such as social media, a regular newsletter, blog or other content development, but don't know where to begin?
    Creating and maintaining effective branding can be a complex process with a lot of variables across a number of platforms. It takes an objective, discerning eye, business and technical savvy, and a strong creative sensibility. That's where we come in. 
    We work with you to find the best ways to reach your business goals and do so in a way that makes your voice clear, consitent and distinctive. We push boundaries, get creative, and explore what is possible. We love getting in the proverbial sandbox, digging around and coming up with the ideas, tools and systems that will make your life easier, and make your business communication efforts more effective and successful. Together we find the solutions that are an ideal fit for your business - ideal for where you are today AND where your business is going
    As owner, I bring to the table strong, original creative skills as well as a strong business and management background. I've worked extensively in both sectors and have learned boatloads in both. Right and left brain, baby. This diversity enables me to create comprehensive and effective solutions for my clients (that's you!) merging highly creative ideas supported by a sound business foundation.

    Design Bistro is about working with love and passion, impeccability and integrity. Are you ready to take the leap and totally rock your business? Then let's go! Let's get you out in the world in a new and effective way and make it amazing!
    Give me a shout, I'd love to talk to you -